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The Fantastic Intergalactic Adventures of Stanley & Livingston

New working title:  The Fantastic Intergalactic Adventures of Stanley & Livingston

"Stanley and Livingston are the greatest explorers in the universe. By means of a mysterious porcelain ring known as a Starflush, Stanley and Livingston are able to traverse the galaxies.

Along with an eighteen-ton giant golden sabre-toothed tabby cat, a bizarre alien beast called a gumpathump, and four robot porters, Stanley and Livingston venture into deepest, darkest outer space to explore other planets.

But all is not well in the cosmos! Power-mad psychiatrist, Dr. Sigmund Looz and two lunatics from his group therapy sessions have been unleashed on an unsuspecting universe through the Starflush.

Monsters! Machines! Strange alien races and places! Perilous predicaments! The adventures of Stanley and Livingston are truly fantastic and intergalactic."

Perhaps the most bizarre of the Rodney Matthews collection of animation projects in the pipeline, Starflush - The Extraordinary Explorations of Stanley & Livingston, is now at the point of presentation portfolio. A completed script exists, and a series of illustrations in colour and black & white depicting the principal characters and some of the scenes. The original idea is by Matthews with script by American, Marco Palmer. Marco was trained in script writing at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Starflush is a comedy set in space with a multiple spoof element. The aim is to produce a feature or TV series in CGI, stop motion, or both. Here are a few images from the portfolio.

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The Nasties

Originally this was intended to be a children's book of un-natural history described and catalogued by a type of eccentric version of David Attenborough. It was never published, but Matthews now has plans for something much more spectacular - an animated series.

Here are some of the original colour drawings produced between 1977 and 1997... a slow but sure gestation period? Matthews has recently gone to the length of sketching a story board for the opening title of the prospective series.

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The Book Chasers

Still in the embryonic stage, The Book Chasers (working title) has evolved from an earlier project to the point where only one of the original characters has survived! Rodney is adding material as time permits and is working on the script with Robert Copeland; an ex Aardman Animations man. The two coloured character sketches are as much as is currently available to view.

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